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John D Hoover Jr

I was fascinated by computers when I was in high school when they were first introduced, sometime around 1988 was the first Windows 3.1 machine, and the efficiency for business they can achieve.


I went to Penn State University and majored in Management Information Systems. In my senior year, I began Vonset Corporation, which featured twelve products ranging from Computer Software to E-Commerce, and Herbal Supplements. We continue today to feature Herbal Supplements and an E-Commerce product under Hoover Products Corporation. M-Chat was origionally designed as a tagger application to get our image tag out, and was later designed as a for sale product.

John D Hoover Jr Military Photo

I joined the U.S. Navy when I was eighteen years old to obtain more discipline for college. I served aboard the USS Patriot MCM-7, part of Rotational Crew Hotel. I then boarded the USS Scout MCM-8 to complete my duties. I was Honorably Discharged in 1995.

German Catholic Cross

I was raised in a catholic family. I went to church every sunday since I was small. I study the catholic religion more now, and find it fascinating.

Hoover Coat of Arms

USA Flag

Germany Flag

I have a german surname, Hoover, which is from the german name Huber, or the word "Houber", and means an owner of a large measure of land. The name Huber was first found in Bavaria, Germany, where they became a prominent contributor to the development of the providence.

I go to German Night at the german church in the city every year to celebrate my last name.

M-Chat written by John D. Hoover Jr, Chief Executive Officer Hoover Products Corporation.

John is 49 years old, now currently a single, and is seeking a relationship.  You can message him at PSU_MIS_74.



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